Hey – I’m a producer! (aka Being an outsourced CMO means you do a lot of different things for a lot of different clients.)

So, I just picked up a new project for an ongoing client of mine. About two years ago we filmed a series of videos for one of their product lines, and used the b-roll from that shoot for any number of training, sales, promotional and instructional videos created since. I got a call last week saying they are looking to do the same exercise for a different product line – would I be interested in helping with the project.

As I often do, I jumped right in, contacted our video production partners, and started laying the groundwork for the assignment. Last time we did this, I was under contract with the client as their full-time outsourced CMO. Naturally, on the shoot, I played the role of the “client”. (Except when I was playing a role on-camera, but that’s a whole separate blog post.) This time though, I’m taking it on as a separate project. So in laying out my role for the video crew, I told them I would be:

  • Booking the crew
  • Helping write the scripts
  • Outlining the shot list
  • Being on-set to manage the shot list
  • Helping select the cast
  • Coordinating the editing process
  • Getting client approval
  • Delivering final files

Great, my director said, so you’ll be the producer.

Wait, what? I’m the producer? I’m the producer! Of course I’m the producer. And in fact, I’ve played the role of the producer on any number of projects – from videos to websites to appsto marketing campaigns. Frankly, it’s one of the things I do well – take ownership of a project and manage it to completion. I just never thought of it as being “a producer”.

Shooting is scheduled to start tomorrow, so wish us luck. And if anyone in Hollywood (or Baltimore) is looking for help, you know how to reach me.