What is JK Squared?


We start with the “why”.

Why do we do what we do?  At JK Squared, we exist solely to provide long-term solutions and create satisfied clients.  We do that by understanding your business and how it relates to your consumers, and then translating that thinking into impactful marketing strategies.

A White-Label Solution for Agencies

JK Squared is designed to fit into your existing operation as an agency. Let us provide the strategic thinking for your clients, that lets them make better use of the resources you already provide. Or, we can help identify new ones.

A Fractional CMO for Organizations

A strong business or non-profit is constantly growing. And that means sometimes having to find cost-effective solutions for the resources you require. JK Squared can serve as your marketing arm inside your organization, working with whatever resources are in place and finding new ones to fill a need.