Big News At JK Squared – Introducing Outsourced Sports Marketing

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.00.58 PMLife is interesting sometimes. I started out as a kid who dreamed of being the next great sports reporter in America. Then when I changed paths into advertising, it was the hunt for an NFL Expansion team for Baltimore in the early 90s that gave me my first opportunity. My next agency job put me working with the Orioles alongside Cal Ripken’s 2131celebration. At Havit Advertising, we won awards for the launch of Steelers 24/7, and worked on any number of co-marketing promotions with sports teams in the Mid-Atlantic region. And of course, Aquarius was nothing but sports marketing for some of the largest brands in the US.  Even now at JK Squared, many of our clients tend to be in and around the world of sports.

So, it’s probably no surprise that I’m here to announce today the launch of JK2 Sports – the sports marketing division of JK Squared, alongside my good friend Mike D’Archangelo.  It’s a natural extension of the work we’ve already been doing for Factory Athletics, alongside Victus Advisors and with any number of corporate brands. What may be a surprise is the vision we have for this endeavor, and why it’s different than anything that’s gone before.

Over the past 4 years, JK Squared has successfully integrated into multiple businesses in an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer capacity. We now plan on applying that very same model to the world of sports – particularly focusing on small colleges & universities, state agencies, non-profits, youth sports organizations, private schools, minor league franchises and corporations seeking to be involved with these properties.  Programs & organizations where we feel we can make a real difference by integrating into their existing structure and driving new revenue and marketing solutions.

What makes us different? We’ve lived it. JK2 Sports is led by Mike D’Archangelo, a 15-year sports marketing veteran who most recently led marketing efforts for UMBC Athletics. While there, he helped develop and activate corporate sponsorships, increase fan & community engagement and create an overall atmosphere around the athletic department that not only helped fund an incredible new arena, but also laid the groundwork for this. Between Mike and myself, we’ve done work in every major sport – from branding to digital marketing to fundraising to infrastructure.

Now Mike has joined our team to help put the same type of programs into place for our clients. Whether it’s a small university lacking the budget for a full-time Associate Athletic Director for Marketing, a minor-league sports team looking for fresh ideas for sponsor activation or fan engagement, a youth sports organization trying to build a new facility or a community interested in boosting tourism or activity thorough sports – JK2 Sports is here to become part of your team by becoming an outsourced marketing resource who understands and can help grow your revenues through proven marketing programs.

This is just the beginning of an exciting new era at JK Squared. Thanks for coming along for the journey, and stay tuned for more news.  See the full JK2 Press Release here.