What We Offer – Outsourced Expertise in Corporate & Sports Marketing

Outsourced Marketing Department

From Chief Marketing Officers to Creative Resources to Digital Marketing to Marketing Coordination, at JK Squared, we put together the right team for you.  We align ourselves with partners who are as nimble as we are, and provide a proven system for working with the existing resources already on your team.

Outsourced CMO:  For many clients, change starts at the top. Led by company Founder and Principal Jeff Goldscher who brings nearly 25 years of senior level marketing and business operations experience, we work with a number of clients by embedding ourselves at the most senior level of the organization. We integrate business strategies into marketing plans, review the scope of the entire sales & marketing organization, and help Presidents, Founders and CEO’s understand how it all fits together.

Marketing Strategists:  Sometimes a CMO just needs a good right-hand person.  Someone to share the burden, help focus on specific marketing concepts or lead a special assignment. That’s where our team of strategists comes in.  We match the right challenge with the right project manager, and focus on getting the job done.

Marketing Coordinators:  Somebody has to get the job done. We can help build a full marketing team when it’s required, either with your staff or with ours.  And every member of our team likes getting our hands dirty on “the little things”.  Wearing multiple hats is old hat for us.

JK2 Sports – Outsourced Sports Marketing

We bring 40+ years of sports marketing expertise to our clients, with a real focus on organizations who don’t have the depth or funding to support full-time staff. Led by Managing Director Mike D’Archangelo, JK2 Sports is designed to provide strategic and tactical assistance primarily to small colleges & universities, state agencies, non-profits, youth sports organizations, private schools, minor league franchises and the business community that wants to be involved with these types of properties. We bring a particular expertise to the NCAA marketplace, helping schools without large athletic department department staffs with branding, naming opportunities, special event marketing, student & fan engagement, sponsorship procurement & activation, and a wide range of fundraising programs. JK2 Sports has worked within virtually all areas of athletics – MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, Indy Car, NCAA, Sports Tourism, Youth Sports – and applies best practices regardless of the size of the client with whom we work. Some of our specific programs include:

Sponsorship Procurement, Activation & Fulfillment:  Not every program has the bandwidth to support major sponsorship platforms, but everyone has a need for creating new sources of funding for their athletic department or organization. At JK2 Sports, we can tap into our local network of businesses, work with your current partners and create new opportunities to provide value to all parties. We can help drive revenue, and also activate & fulfill programs using our staff and resources. And for small businesses looking to get into the world of sports, we create broad programs designed to reach a broad audience across a wide network of properties, helping expand your footprint no matter what the budget parameters may look like.

Student & Fan Engagement:  Nothing beats a memorable game-day experience for your fans. That’s why we love sports. So making that experience as memorable as possible is critical – not only for your fans and students, but also for your sponsors, staff and supporters. We know how to help you make game-day come alive, and translate that experience outside the ballpark, stadium or arena to build a strong fan base that’s not tied to W’s.

Event Planning & Management: A good event isn’t just limited to what happens inside that window. There are often weeks of detailed planning & advance work to make sure everything goes off just right. And if the right team isn’t there in place during the event to handle the unexpected, then all of that planning may come to naught. From ideation to execution, we can help make your special events truly special, and your everyday events go beyond the everyday.

Brand Development & Advertising: We’ve helped create new brand identities for iconic sports properties including the Pro Football Hall of Fame to collegiate programs such as the UMBC Retrievers. We understand how to link corporate and sports brands for co-marketing partnerships, and how to leverage sponsorship assets to create a consistent marketing message. Whether on the property or client side, we create lasting brands and campaigns designed to achieve results.

Strategic Marketing Planning

At JK Squared, our Marketing Strategists and Coordinators take the time to understand your business goals and objectives in order to create the right strategies and tactics to achieve them.  Our process allows us to get inside your organization and develop an actionable plan from which all marketing activities should emanate in the same direction, whether you need us to help execute or just a plan you can run with immediately.

Communications Planning:  Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is critical in for any marketing platform.  That’s why you need to build a strong communication plan designed to deliver your message across a variety of media.  At JK Squared, we take the time to understand each of your target audiences and what motivates them to want to listen to your message.  That allows us to craft a compelling message and determine which vehicles do the best job of delivering it to your audience.

Direct Marketing:  Clicking a link.  Making a call.  Posting a tweet.  If you want your marketing to encourage your audience to act, that’s called direct marketing.  And, it’s something JK Squared has more than 20 years of experience in doing.  Whether is a branded direct response strategy or building a marketing database, we’ve executed direct marketing campaigns across all media, including broadcast, mail, print, online and social.

Social & Digital Marketing: Word-of-Mouth Advertising isn’t new.  In fact, it’s been around just about forever.  New social media tools make it easier than ever to build awareness, sales, a reputation, or a brand – but only if you use them strategically can they be effective.  At JK Squared, we understand how to make your social media a part of your strategic marketing plan and can help you identify and train the resources required to execute.

Creative Design

Getting the message out about what you do, sell or service isn’t a random process.  Creating a strong and consistent brand identity is essential to marketing any product or service. It’s a strategic science.  At JK Squared, we can help you identify which media makes the most sense for your message, and develop the creative vehicles that turn it into a compelling campaign for your consumers. Or work with your existing agencies to get more from your current partners with stronger strategic direction.

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